Hard to believe that Coffin Bell is just over a month old. My extremely patient family can attest that I spent most of Thanksgiving conceptualizing the journal and building the site, and 120 submissions later, we are about to launch our first issue! I wish to thank my very understanding husband, who has allowed me untold uninterrupted hours for reading and editing work for the journal. I also want to thank Associate Editor Sarah V. Parson for her tireless assistance in sifting through the slush pile, reading submissions, proofreading, editing, and sage advice. An editor’s job is never done, and Sarah has been invaluable in her willingness to jump right on the next task in line. I am grateful to have her on Coffin Bell’s masthead. And most importantly, I wish to thank our contributors, the writers of the excellent work to which Coffin Bell owes its existence.

Tonight we release Volume 1, Issue No. 1 into the world. We are tremendously proud of Issue 1.1, and look forward to what the future holds for subsequent issues.

We also announce that the theme for Issue 1.2 is Monsters. Send us your best work!

Join us tonight at midnight GMT as Coffin Bell goes live (5 pm EST)!

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  1. And a very impressive debut it is, too! Congratulations & thanks for accepting my work. I’ll be blogging & FaceBooking your accomplishment as soon as I finish reading here. Happy New Year!

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