Tiana’s Book Spotlight for the Thirteenth

by Tiana Coven


Review: 5/5

“untreated pain/ is a cancer of the soul/ that can kill you”

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson (TW- sexual assault)

This book is the memoir told in verse of the author of Speak– an amazing novel that has been so important in educating teens about sexual assault. In her memoir, Laurie speaks about her own experience as a survivor, how she coped/ refused to cope, her father’s physical and emotional abuse, what she has learned as an advocate for sexual assault prevention, and so much more about her incredible life. Laurie has been such an active voice in the fight against sexual violence and is obviously such an inspiration in many different fields. I first read Speak when I was in eighth grade and I have never forgotten the story of Melinda. That book has done so much for so many survivors worldwide and I definitely foresee this memoir achieving the same! Any poetry lover should pick this one up.


Review 5/5

“No one wants to be infected by obesity, largely because people know how they see and treat and think about fat people and don’t want such a fate to befall them.”

Hunger by Roxane Gay (TW sexual assault, fatphobia)

This is the first memoir I’ve read as an adult and it was so insightful. I actually listened to the audiobook for this one and hearing Roxane’s words about her experience with sexual assault, weight gain, family and societal pressure to lose weight, and her thoughts on how society equates being thin with being healthy were so important for me to hear. It’s easy to fall in line with society and abide by the fatphobia that runs rampant within it. As someone who is not overweight, it’s easy for me to forget how systematic fatphobia is. In the memoir, Roxane dedicates a whole chapter on weight loss commercials and what they tell the viewer. The intelligent way she picked apart the subject truly resonated with me and I would recommend every person who isn’t overweight give this book a read.

The Commitment

Review: 5/5

“The Bible is only as good and decent as the person reading it.”

The Commitment by Dan Savage

I listened to this book on audio and I loved it so much. The Commitment is a non-fiction book about Dan’s life, though it’s not quite a memoir as it’s not necessarily about his entire life, or memorializing it. In the book, he speaks about his family- his husband and son mostly and their experiences as a family unit. He talks in depth about raising his son, gender roles, marriage, and true to much of his writing- sex. He really explores what it means to be married and how exploring his relationship with an open mind and a willingness to change has strengthened his relationship with his husband and enhanced their intimacy. I really loved this book and definitely subscribed to Dan Savage’s podcast, Savage Lovecast, right after finishing it because I wanted more of Dan’s thoughts! I will definitely listen to his other books as soon as I can!

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