After Thought

Steve Gerson


after wind shears
after angry sea clouds

serrate like knife edges
after palms shed leaves

in torrents of despair
after winds sting with memory

like shrieking sea birds
after fears lace in seaweed nettles

and strangle
after seashell steps break

into contempt
and blood seeps into sand

after waves spray thought thoughtlessly
like I’ve thought words onto you

each word a shell sliver under skin
after you asked why

and I answered
with a hurricane’s dead eye

after sorrow like rainfall
and skies blackening

I swim toward undertow
tasting salt on my bitten tongue

as waves retreat seaward
in my low tide



Steve Gerson writes poetry and flash about life’s dissonance. He has published in CafeLit, Panoplyzine, Crack the Spine, Decadent Review, Vermilion, In Parentheses, and more, plus his chapbooks Once Planed Straight; Viral; and The 13th Floor: Step into Anxiety from Spartan Press.