Malcolm Glass


Carleton woke in dank,
suffocating darkness to find
his mouth full of worms.

The covenant he had made
with the ground never
mattered, until now.

He abandoned the shelter
of his house before he meant to,
slipped through the oak door

at the end of the hallway
as though his blood led him
away, his pulse binding

his breath to the promise
he made to the river.
The soil had given its plainest

song to the wind long ago,
though he did not hear then.
Now, as he listened long

and longer to the wind,
he could not stop the twining
melodies, the drums of blood.

Ocean sand filled his veins.
The river ran hard in his bones.
And the singing earth filled his ears.



Malcolm Glass has published fourteen books of poetry and non-fiction. His work has appeared in many journals, including Poetry, Nimrod, The Arizona Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, and The Sewanee Review. In 2018 Finishing Line Press published his latest poetry collection Mirrors, Myths, and Dreams. Also a playwright, his play “Replay,” was recently published in “Contemporary One Act Plays.”