juliette givhan


I killed another of your children this morning,

sprayed him with Lysol

(orange blossom scented,)

& watched him fall from a web

hung carelessly close to my mirror.


If it’s any consolation—

his body missed the toilet,

crashed to the dirty tile instead.


His legs did a death dance

as he choked, all those digits

mad with movement

in their last moments…


I’m sorry


but trust me, I get the irony

of a Black girl killing something

harmless, just because she’s afraid

of what it might do—


know the lack of consequence

for wiping out something

people have decided is a monster.





Juliette Givhan is a Black poet who writes about myths and memes. Her work appears in ANMLY Magazine, Change Seven Magazine, Two Hawks Quarterly, with forthcoming poems in Pidgeonholes Magazine and baest Journal.