Architect of the Masochist and Other Paintings

Architect of the Masochist


The Adamantly Evil Tree


Stir Crazy


The Desert of Mommy


Death Flowers




As a young girl I possessed an inescapable curiosity for the darker aspects of life and as I grew older, that curiosity aged like wine. I have fought and lost and tried and failed to steer myself away from the nightmares. Like nightfall, they are imminent, rustling like trees inside of my head. My devotion to art began as a teenager. I dealt with self injuring and bulimia nervosa for the better part of 10 and 6 years, beginning in adolescence. Through painting I have been able to find an elusive clarity while releasing myself. Anything that allows me to wholly express what I am feeling is something that I treasure. In sound, appearance, depth & form, art reminds us that one is never alone in suffering, delight or pleasures.  My paintings are completed using acrylics on flat or stretched canvas. I have many more paintings, most of which can be viewed at the following link :