Atmospheric Science

Nora Gause


It starts in the spine

razor clam cracks              slicing ohms

pores electric                     between skin and nails,

circuitry tight in the chest and lungs

thoracic storm


hands slide barometric

dura matter dances            disorder attachments

puffer fish blooms              humid without a tank

poison like a lady in waiting

moray brain




foam fingers tingle

cockles muss memory        creep open

Victorian girl                        by the seashore your

spells and fossils crumble in the crashing waves

gritty pearl                          rotten weather




A caterer and personal chef in Seattle, Nora Gause (non-binary she/they) loves the moment between click and woosh when a gas range lights. She thinks a lot about limerence, family histories, identities, and justice, and suspects that poems and recipes are spells in disguise. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Russian Language from Goucher College.