Balloon Seller

Balloon Seller




Skin Deep




Needles from the Pine



Arati Reddy-Devlin was born in Natal, South Africa, and moved to the UK at a young age where she lived and gained her BA(Hons) degree in Graphic Design, a post-graduate degree in Fine Art Printmaker, and qualified as an Art and Design teacher, and later completed a Master or Education in Applied Linguistics. In 1986, Reddy-Devlin was awarded a British Council Scholarship to study Fine Art Printmaking at the Ljubljana Art Academy, Slovenia, where she gained skills in traditional printmaking techniques. Reddy-Devlin, lived in Croatia between 2009 -2013 where she became fascinated with the flora and seascape from her home. Her current series of works fuse her long term passion for Sci-fi, robotics and mechanical parts and Medieval Art, interwoven with delicate natural forms to create other micro worlds.