Before You Pass Judgment on a Production of Swan Lake

J. B. Stone


try to open your mind,
break down the walls
your suburbanite comfort zones
placed in front of you
put down the smart phone,
for there is nothing wrong
with blasting the
tunes of Drake
& Kendrick Lamar,
but trust in a
different sound
for an hour
of your time,
use it to
watch this portrait
project from its canvas
breeding the colors of
day & night
and the motion
of majestic waltzes
a flurry of
twists and bends
shape the world
around the stage
the transformation
of a life through a plié
the breakdown of good vs evil
through leaps and bounds
albeit a grand jeté,
or a soubresaut
with angels
who even atop
deformed heels
compressed calluses
still manage to sprout wings
and the sacrifice
to break these kinetic chains
and create a spectacle
onto the an audience
of amateur patrons
to the eternal arts



J. B. Stone is an neurodiverse poet/fiction writer from Brooklyn, now residing in Buffalo. Stone is the author of A Place Between Expired Dreams And Renewed Nightmares (Ghost City Press 2018). Some of his work is featured and/or forthcoming in Occulum, Riggwelter Press, Peach Mag, BlazeVOX, Mystic Blue Review, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Flash of Dark, Crack the Spine, among several other publications. You can check out more of his work and other noteworthy updates at