Birth of Faun

dudgrick bevins

On soil of future-Rome, my belly swells •

Pregnant with Satyr spawn • they kick

/flip/summersault bouncing off my organs

• body: an inflatable castle • I want birth •

Freedom from mother-guttedness, but

No channel exists for relief • no hole

To ease suffering • no tunnel of

Life • so gentle Pan sharpens his horn —

The left — and Silenus, dodgy old red-faced

Bugger, with wine makes compliant my

Supple skin • then silent slash • sky or

Stomach opens blood-flood sun or

Son — uterine clots for clouds • now •

First time • man, not god ↓ earth ↓

Mother ↓ time — but man — has hung

The heavens! /•\∞/•\ sewn up w/ stray

Goat hairs • scar that sprouts my

Happy trail • all men, hereafter,

Follow in my hirsute • ⅋ weary woman

Womb, recline birthed sublime: my

Faunlings dance about me • drink of

My milks • skitter off to tease the founders

Of a soon great empire. ♂


Dudgrick Bevins is a queer interdisciplinary artist from Deliverance country in the north Georgia mountains. He lives and creates in New York City. He teaches literature and creative writing to high school students in Harlem, where he is also an MFA student. His writing and photography have been published in two books by bd-studios nyc, Georgia Dusk (with luke kurtis) and Route 4 Box 358. His chapbook, My Feelings are Imaginary People Who Fight for My Attention, is published by Poet’s Haven Author Series. His poetry has appeared in various online and print journals.