Blue Shift

Tamara Burross Grisanti


we are satellites humming
languid arcs
we are brittle, weary fragments
of our own dreams.
together we can hold
back the dawn
so I can break
across your horizon.
did you intend these
quiet plagues?
constellations ebb and stall,
and we become an incandescence of tantric meridians,
savage and ablaze
and deeply alive,
borne along by this constant
unraveling, this everlasting fugue
unfurling, fueling
the pale waltz of the world.




Tamara Burross Grisanti is the editor-in-chief of Coffin Bell Journal, associate editor of ELJ (Elm Leaves Journal), and social media editor for New World Writing. Tamara’s fiction and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in New World Writing, Corvus Review, Former Cactus, Chicago Literati, Eunoia Review, and The Literary Hatchet.