Alex C. Eisenberg


Yesterday I discovered
a bone yard for the birds:
sheaths of shed talon
feathers, segments of wing
remnant of string, shred
shrapnel from the old nest.
all strewn underneath
where the eagles rest
in the madrone that grows
out of rubble of stone
where slab and root-mat
fuse and form a cave-like tomb
that I crawled inside.
Or was it a womb?



Alex C. Eisenberg (she/her) is a child of the Pacific Northwest. Her writing is rooted in these wonderful landscapes and attempts to honor and reflect them. Her first chapbook “Holy Ground”, a tribute to the sacred lands of Snoqualmie Valley, won the Black Dog Arts Coalition Prize. Alex currently lives with her partner, their 5 cats, and an ever-changing number of chickens in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. To read more of her work, go to