Michael Hammerle

say ‘lo there won’t you?

If you see me in the mist
young, strong, and happy.
Every night since
I’ve slept in the thick silk grass.

Truly under the stars–
I awake each morning and walk
the world over.
I watch you wake.

You stop in our spots
back to the wind.
These are times you swear
you hear me say

‘lo there


Michael Hammerle is pursuing his MFA at Bennington College. He holds a BA in English, cum laude, from the University of Florida. His fiction has been published in The Best Small Fictions 2017 selected by Amy Hempel. His prose and poetry have been published or are forthcoming in New World Writing, Chicago Literati, After the Pause, The Sandy River Review, The Matador Review, and many more magazines. He lives and writes in Gainesville, FL.