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Love the work we do? Coffin Bell now accepts donations via PayPal! Want to help us keep the website running, cover Submittable costs, and fund future print anthologies? Send us a donation! (You will receive a donation receipt from PayPal.) Scroll to the bottom of the left menu on any page on to see the Donation widget, where you can donate to us in increments of $5. (You will be taken to PayPal checkout.) You can also donate as you submit using our $3 Tip Jar option in Submittable. We appreciate your support!

Dark Is the New Light: Thank You for Your Support!

Coffin Bell is thrilled to announce that our Kickstarter was successfully funded! We owe a debt of gratitude to all who chipped in to back us, shared our Kickstarter, and offered words of support.

Meeting our fundraising goal means that we will be publishing four online issues in 2022 and publishing the print anthology Coffin Bell THREE. It allowed us to pay our business web hosting expenses as well as our submissions manager expenses.

Stay tuned for updates as we begin selecting work for THREE, and stand by for an announcement about how we are re-imagining the print anthologies we publish in the future, from Coffin Bell FOUR and onward.

Thank you all for the overwhelming show of support, and for helping us keep the nightmares alive.


~ Tamara Burross Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief


Pre-Orders Now Open for Coffin Bell TWO!

Coffin Bell TWO COVER

Pre-orders are now open for Coffin Bell’s second print anthology, Coffin Bell TWO! While supplies last, each pre-order will ship in October along with a set of seven mailable Coffin Bell post cards designed by Lindsey Turner! (See the full set on Instagram; post card gift includes a selection of seven of these cards.)

This year, a portion of all pre-orders placed before September 4th will be donated to Writers for Migrant Justice to benefit Immigrant Families Together.

Anthologies are expected to ship in October.

Featuring work by Jane Yolen, Gerri R. Gray, Cindra Spencer, Dean Quarrell, A. C. Koch, Ralph Pennel, Ben Tari, Zuri McWhorter, James Raleigh, Lauren Villa, Linda Quinlan, Bekkie Jean Murphy, Samia Ahmed, Cecilia Kennedy, Ginny Fite, Lindsey Turner, Benjamin Brindise, Craig Anderson, Rachel Hehl, Emily Harrison, Megan Schmid, Andrew Weber, Evelyn Deshane, Shanna Merceron, Marisa Crane, Bernardo Villela, Heather Rick, Andy Betz, Alex Kazemi, Meiloni Erickson, Samantha Steiner, Linda Dove, Gregory Kimbrell, Josh Smith, Catherine Garbinsky, J. B. Stone, Victoria Nordlund, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Anne Rundle, Julie Allyn Johnson, Valin Paige, December Lace, Robin Wright, Nicole Rivera, Cash Myron Toklas, R. C. deWinter, Owen Lubozynski, Katharina Bezushko, Courtney Hilden, C. Kubasta, S. Preson Duncan, Jackie Sherbow, Sean William Dever, Wendy Howe, Dan A. Cardoza, Andrew Lafleche, Ken Farrell, Robert Campbell, and more!

Edited by: Coffin Bell Editors

Cover Art & Layout Design by: Lindsey Turner

Price for pre-ordered anthology is $16 plus $4.99 shipping & handling.

Coffin Bell ONE is here!


Coffin Bell is thrilled to announce that our first print run of Coffin Bell ONE has arrived! We can’t wait to get them into the hands of readers and contributors. Shipments of contributor copies and ordered copies will be going out at the beginning of next week. We are beyond happy to see all this beautiful work come together in such a gorgeous collection (thanks to our extremely talented designer Lindsey Turner!).

We look forward to reading your reviews, seeing your pictures of Coffin Bell ONE in the wild, and most of all hope you enjoy reading the anthology as much as we enjoyed bringing it into existence.