Pre-Orders Now Open for Coffin Bell TWO!

Coffin Bell TWO COVER

Pre-orders are now open for Coffin Bell’s second print anthology, Coffin Bell TWO! While supplies last, each pre-order will ship in October along with a set of seven mailable Coffin Bell post cards designed by Lindsey Turner! (See the full set on Instagram; post card gift includes a selection of seven of these cards.)

This year, a portion of all pre-orders placed before September 4th will be donated to Writers for Migrant Justice to benefit Immigrant Families Together.

Anthologies are expected to ship in October.

Featuring work by Jane Yolen, Gerri R. Gray, Cindra Spencer, Dean Quarrell, A. C. Koch, Ralph Pennel, Ben Tari, Zuri McWhorter, James Raleigh, Lauren Villa, Linda Quinlan, Bekkie Jean Murphy, Samia Ahmed, Cecilia Kennedy, Ginny Fite, Lindsey Turner, Benjamin Brindise, Craig Anderson, Rachel Hehl, Emily Harrison, Megan Schmid, Andrew Weber, Evelyn Deshane, Shanna Merceron, Marisa Crane, Bernardo Villela, Heather Rick, Andy Betz, Alex Kazemi, Meiloni Erickson, Samantha Steiner, Linda Dove, Gregory Kimbrell, Josh Smith, Catherine Garbinsky, J. B. Stone, Victoria Nordlund, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Anne Rundle, Julie Allyn Johnson, Valin Paige, December Lace, Robin Wright, Nicole Rivera, Cash Myron Toklas, R. C. deWinter, Owen Lubozynski, Katharina Bezushko, Courtney Hilden, C. Kubasta, S. Preson Duncan, Jackie Sherbow, Sean William Dever, Wendy Howe, Dan A. Cardoza, Andrew Lafleche, Ken Farrell, Robert Campbell, and more!

Edited by: Coffin Bell Editors

Cover Art & Layout Design by: Lindsey Turner

Price for pre-ordered anthology is $16 plus $4.99 shipping & handling.

Art by Seigar

The Spanish artist Seigar was kind enough to render some of the vivid, saturated photos he is known for into black and white for use around the Coffin Bell site. Take a look at his creepy captures, and if you like what you see, you should see the full color versions of his work on Flickr. Click his name above to go to his set “Tales of a City II” on Flickr, or read his bio and artist statement here.