Issue 6.4, Malicious Editions, will go live on 10/31/2023

Due to the massive amount of submissions we received for this theme, we have been unable to get everything read in time for a 10/1 issue release for 6.4 “Malicious Editions,” so the issue will be going live on Halloween. We are still working hard to give everyone’s work the time and attention it deserves and we appreciate your understanding.


— Tamara Burross Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief


Submissions opening April 1st, 2021 for “Technophobia”

Announcing the theme for Volume 4, Issue No. 4: “Technophobia.” Give us your hashtag noir, your algorithms gone awry, your disinformation dystopias, your marketing monstrosities. Got a the-universe-is-a neuron-and-we-are-merely-synapses fantasia? Send it. We want your elegiac missives to the maverick bot you Twittercided. We crave your HTML sonnets coded in paranoia. From AI gone rogue, to parallel social media universes, we want your technologies of fear. Submissions opening April 1st, and closing July 4th, 2021. Submit your darkest digital delights!