E. J. Schoenborn


I am always watching myself

in case I am watching myself.


Every mirror I pass,

every glass-sided building,

every blue teacup of water.


I can’t stop staring.


The pockmarked temples,

the stained and twisted teeth,

the facial hair, the purple lipstick,

the gold eyeshadow,

all of it’s the same,


so why do I not recognize this face

looking back at me?


Dissociation is an endless reflection of mirrors.

My reflection, a series of invasive thoughts



Cheek bleeding, whose hand slit this envelope skin

looking for an honest confession of body.



But what if I’m not crazy?


When I turn away,

I also turn away.


but what if I’m still watching myself?

what if I’m watching myself now?







E.J. Schoenborn is a poet and workshop instructor from rural Wisconsin, currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. Their poetry has been published by Rising Phoenix Review, Runestone Literary Journal, FreezeRay Poetry, Voicemail Poems, Button Poetry and more. Find more of their poetry and love of opossums at