gillian reimann


Golden sand washes against her pale toes, the tide creeping closer as the pages turn, paper rustling in a rough embrace of her calloused fingers. Sunglasses tilt, a flick of the wrist as the waves recede with her soft exhalation.


Sweet summer wine in a silver chalice graces her lips as the sun settles beneath the horizon, the book falling forgotten along her chaise lounge in favor of the simple sunset along the shores.


Mindless patterns create themselves along the sand with a flick of her wrist as her feet sink deeper into the damp sand, letting the saltwater trickle along her temporary flesh, as the last red flash of the sun disappears before the rising dark of a new moon.


A clarion call of trumpets rings across the night-black sky, silver lights heralding the approach of the white robed Messenger who lands before the wandering vacationer, a scroll clutched in his hands.


Wordlessly, she snatches the scroll from his smooth hands and reads until the paper turn to ash, falling between her fingers as she looks upon her companion’s youthful face, her brows drawn in sharp and angled slants.


‘One day, that was all I asked, Gabriel.’


‘There’s work to be done.’


He takes off, pale wings beating against the foam of the incoming tide, as her own ebony feathers burst from her shoulders. Azrael, the Angel of Death sighs as she took up her book from its resting place and stashes it within her robes and dawns her cowl. Looking once more into the dark blue waters of the ocean stretching out before her, she sighs and shakes her head, vacations are nonexistent for one such as herself. A small smirk crosses her lips in bitter longing for an end as she disappears in the shadows, returning to her unending job. Death waits for no one, not even her.





Gillian Reimann is a passionate writer with a background in both fantasy and memoir writing. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Pacific University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Saint Mary’s College of California, she has experience with both the academic worlds of writing and the real world of fanfiction and other mediums.