Classified Audio Transcript

Madelin Medina


The Lazarus Corporation: Data Servicing System

Client Name: Classified
Account Number: OMP021276855
Legal Guardian Name: Classified
Authorization Security Code: 40895
Backup Date: 25th. January 2nd. 2037
Time: 20:55 hours

Confirmation Number: Classified


911 Call Audio Transcripts:

OPERATOR: 911, what is your emergency?

CALLER: We’ve been in an accident. My daughter, my daughter… Oh, God. There’s blood everywhere. Oh, my God. Please, help. Please…

OPERATOR: Ok, ma’am. Ma’am? What is your name?

CALLER: It’s going to be ok. I promise… It’s going to be ok.

OPERATOR: Ma’am… What is your name, please?

CALLER: [corrupted audio data]

OPERATOR: Where is the emergency? Can you share your location?

CALLER: Please, send help! Oh, my God…she’s [corrupted audio data] Please!

OPERATOR: Ma’am, I’m going to need you to share your location by giving us access to you BioBit personal device. Do you accept?

CALLER: Yes. Yes, I accept… I accept.

OPERATOR: Access is confirmed. Is your daughter conscious? Is she breathing?

CALLER: No… I don’t know. Her head is in my lap and there’s just so much blood. I don’t know. Send someone, please!

OPERATOR: Ma’am, are you authorized to access her BioBit personal device? Otherwise, refer to Vitals on her device.

CALLER: What? Yes…I’m authorized. I authorize access.

OPERATOR: Authorization is confirmed. Her Vitals suggest a backup is required. Last backup was done 32 weeks ago.

CALLER: What? Why are you telling me this? She’s bleeding out for fuck’s sake!

OPERATOR: Do you wish to request a Consciousness data upload to our servicing system?

CALLER: A what? Why does that even matter?

OPERATOR: Ma’am, a backup is required in order to successfully aid your daughter in the case of insufficient, lost, or corrupted personal data. Do you wish to request a Consciousness data backup uploaded to our servicing system?

CALLER: Ok… I wish to request the upload… the backup. I give my consent.

OPERATOR: Consent verified. Mrs. [corrupted audio data] officers are now on their way to assist you, Please, remain on the line while your call is being transferred. Have a pleasant evening.

CALLER: Transferred? Hello? Hello!

All calls are subject to being recorded for security purposes.

AUTOMATED SERVICING SYSTEM: All Agents are currently busy assisting other clients. Calls will be answered in the order in which they are received. To select Music While You Wait press star. Otherwise, remain on the line. Current waiting time is 3 minutes.

CALLER: Honey…honey, it’s going to be ok. They’ll be here any minute. I promise you’ll be ok. I promise. God, please. Please.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Thank you for choosing the Lazarus Servicing System. My name is Cheryl. How may I help you?

CALLER: I need help. My daughter is… I was transferred.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: I’d be happy to assist you. In order to further the process, an authorization code is required.

CALLER: A code?

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: What is the authorization security code?

CALLER: I don’t know… I don’t know any code.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Please hold while I access your BioBit personal device to pull up your information.

CALLER: My daughter is lying in the middle of the fucking street bleeding out and you’re putting me on hold?


CALLER: Goddamn it!

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Authorization security code has been received. Upload has been successfully completed. Your confirmation number is [corrupted audio data]. Is there anything else I can assist you with, Mrs. [corrupted audio data]?

CALLER: No… nothing else.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT: Thank you for choosing the Lazarus Corporation. Have a pleasant evening.

AUTOMATED SERVICING SYSTEM: Please remain on the line for a short Quality of Service survey.

Call disconnected.



Madelin A. Medina is a Dominican-American poet, writer, and Suicide Prevention Advocate currently residing in Queens, New York with her husband, and young son. Her work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, The Acentos Review, Dominican Writers Association, and [PANK] Magazine. She is also a recipient of the Nancy P. Schnader Academy of American Poets Award at Hofstra University.