alexandra weiss


people say that there’s no such thing

as touching

because nuclei repel

electricity running

interference so

the dots of us

cannot come in contact

quarantined in

isolated pockets

of void like

bubble wrap or

comic book shadows

in other words we are

mostly empty space

spat from a fog machine

only denser, people shaped

drifting and jostling

through apartment shaped fog and

held together by forces we

still don’t entirely understand

bound by probabilities and


our nuclei repel

but our electrons could be


bleeding through our

boundaries and


and so maybe

we can’t touch but

we can interweave

we can come close





Alexandra Weiss studies literature on death at UChicago. She loves Halloween and her pepper plants and has been previously published in Haggard and Halloo, Cadaverine and Another Chicago Magazine, among others.