Nelly Sanchez

Eve nest pas Lilith


Fairy Tale


La Chute


Collage Abel et Cain










La Grande dame des cavales blanches






Une minute avant léternité





Nelly Sanchez is a French collagiste, a sculptor also. Inspired by Surreal culture and Russian supremacists -yes, she likes playing with colors and geometric shape-, her universe is a feminine one, sensual, colored, mysterious, funny, often disturbing. She likes to give free rein to her unconscious. Artworks must be shown like mirrors, full of symbols. Each of them tells a story. Her main themes are Woman condition, female myths (Lilith, Salomé, Cassandra, Amazons…), relationship between Man and Woman. These works complement her research and essays on French women’s literature. Exhibited in France and in Europe, her artworks illustrate papers, novels as La Vénus à la fourrure de Sader-Masoch (2015), poems (La Femme n’existe pas of Siham Mehaimzi, 2019). Her artworks are on Instagram : nellysanchezcollagiste.