Madeleine Corley

after ‘Husk’ by Lannie Stabile


Winding my way through limbs, I scream

and scare the crow that thinks
he owns these little deaths.

But I was here first, knew this place

as the bodies were picked
clean. At dusk, I’d mime

the stalks, stand quiet in their crowd

and learn the force of shadow.
Before I knew this was a cemetery

I was tricked into wanting

a shell of my own. Where else was there
to hide? This what he says

as he plants himself
into me.





Madeleine Corley is a writer by internal monologue. Her work has been featured in FOLIO, Moist, HAD, Olney Magazine, among others. She currently serves as a Managing Editor at Barren Magazine. You can find her at her website or on Twitter @madelinksi. One day, she’d like to own a Mystery Machine.