Counting Fish

Dan A. Cardoza


Leanne kept watch at the river, she seldom spoke, and
if she did it was to request just about anyone in her
way to kindly move from her view.

She seemed somehow to know how many fish and
fins and scales in the river flowed. It was not like
counting she just knew.

Someone proposed she had a fish net in her thoughts
that calibrated movement, maybe notion. Family
suggested it was an unproductive bad habit to kill

Her younger brother, who she often spoke to when
they were alone, hesitated to offer suggestions; after
all,  she refused to teach him to swim.



Dan A. Cardoza has an MS Degree in Education from UC, Sacramento, Calif. He is the author of four poetry Chapbooks, and a new book of fiction, Second Stories. Recent Credits: 101 Words, Adelaide, Australia, California Quarterly, Chaleur, Cleaver, Confluence, UK, Dissections, Door=Jar, Drabble, Entropy, Esthetic Apostle, Foxglove, Frogmore, UK, High Shelf Press, Poetry Northwest, Rue Scribe, Runcible Spoon, Skylight 47, Spelk, Spillwords, Fiction Pool, Stray Branch, Urban Arts, Zen Space, Tulpa, Australia and Zeroflash.