Crystal Vase

Dan A. Cardoza

Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth ~ Theodor W. Adorno

The flowers I clutch are not so much an enigma,
at least to me. It is my hyaline avocation.

My affirmation, entrustment of emotion,
witnessed through my crystal lens of equal
proportion, the science of art, the art of science.

If you’re your palette is a bloom of joy that I
articulate, in all its telling, then of course I say
long stem red roses should do.  They bode
longevity of life, but can too soon be forgotten in
their allure of eye-candy & light.

Conversely, the hypnotic orchid, though short-
lived, is not so effortlessly abandoned. I’d say in
matters of beauty, of la vie & de mort, there is no
enigma as to apportionment. Hands down, it is
the orchid’s peloria of dark stained lips that can
only be entrusted to hush, maybe subdue
eternity’s exquisite moments of suffering.



Dan A. Cardoza has an MS Degree in Education from UC, Sacramento, Calif. He is the author of four poetry Chapbooks, and a new book of fiction, Second Stories. Recent Credits: 101 Words, Adelaide, Australia, California Quarterly, Chaleur, Cleaver, Confluence, UK, Dissections, Door=Jar, Drabble, Entropy, Esthetic Apostle, Foxglove, Frogmore, UK, High Shelf Press, Poetry Northwest, Rue Scribe, Runcible Spoon, Skylight 47, Spelk, Spillwords, Fiction Pool, Stray Branch, Urban Arts, Zen Space, Tulpa, Australia and Zeroflash.