days and nights, going nowhere, come to an end

Peter Roberts

days & nights, going nowhere, come to an end

wipe up the blood & the words.
dust no longer fills days,
sand no longer warps time.

etch through the dreams & the sun.
wind no longer soothes grass,
sky no longer folds clouds.

scrape through the rain & the hills.
seas no longer spew life,
worlds no longer take spin.

wash off the bones & the fire.
light no longer holds calm,
love no longer gives heat.



Peter Roberts is a mathematically-educated poet who sometimes writes fiction. He has been contributing to various magazines and journals, online & off, for more than 45 years. See his slightly dated personal webpage,, where you can find links to lists of all his published poems & stories, if you look carefully. Some may find the rest of the website interesting as well.