Holly Woodward



Papers in abandoned rooms
prosthetic shop holiday displays
horseshoe crabs underfoot
black tire marks on highways
bottles of stale beer stuffed with cigarettes
stray cat limping fast across the road
a child’s cut lip
the way he plays alone
his explanation, that he tripped
pigeons pecking chicken bones
photographs at flea markets
dandruff on a thrift shop coat
needles chucked from car windows
plastic bags snared in trees
old man with gauze on his nose
videotaped store robberies






Holly Woodward is an artist and writer whose works have won over a hundred honors. She spent a year as a doctoral fellow at Moscow University; she also studied for two semesters at Saint Petersburg U. She served as writer in residence at Saint Albans, Washington National Cathedral. Holly was a fiction fellow at CUNY’s Writers Institute for the last four years.