Endangered, Extinct

Tyler Pufpaff


The loom of the figure

stalked the night’s curiosity

exfoliating its feet in the mud

brash—irreverent; a warning

Greed advances; no substitution

for the predator’s eyes

—an identification only seen

in the most desperate; a human rhapsody

Horns used for defense

and possibly display

beckon a charge, then

cleaned feet rear and lift off—

The seasoned hunter

has already cultivated the nerve

to bring up his arms, aiming

at the beast: Earth’s used to be

The white Rhino slumps

and docks at the foot

of erasure—life stolen

never to be communicated why

Even the luminescence

that fills the distance

between this world and the next

does not illuminate the answer



almost baptismal

the hunter drowns the question with a knife.



Tyler Pufpaff is the author of A Quarter Life and Editor-in-Chief of Variant Lit. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Crepe & Penn, Boston Accent Lit, Coffin Bell, Poke, Havik, perhappened, and The Daily Drunk Mag among others.