David Radavich




                                                                What are blue stars,

                                                                circles of light,

                                                                music of geographies?


                                                                How does love compute

                                                                or grass remember?


                                                                What puzzle

whose solution begs

                                                                beyond time?


                                                                Suddenly you come alive

                                                                in your images


                                                                in ways that

                                                                escape memory—


                                                                I will never be able

                                                                to follow you


                                                                into that labyrinth

                                                                of being


                                                                which is

                                                                every human—


                                                                without words

                                                                without veins or eyes







David Radavich’s latest narrative collection, America Abroad: An Epic of Discovery (2019) is a companion to his earlier America Bound: An Epic for Our Time (2007). Recent lyric collections are Middle-East Mezze (2011) and The Countries We Live In (2014). His plays have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe.