equine | canine

Andrew Clark

the horses up

the mountain

went wild, forgotten

by their people

nobody come by

to even feed them


they forgot they

were horses

grew as feral

as jackals

fought off bears

killed off the coyote

stayed alive

even during winter

no grass on the ground

teeth grinding

down the trees

they fucked each

other constantly

foals rising from

the dark earth

each spring

they ate their brothers

whose legs fell lame

teeth rounding

sharpening canine


their eyes grew large

dark manes matted

no one could

approach them

no one could

pet them

                but me





Andrew K. Clark is a writer from Asheville, NC. His poetry collection, Jesus in the Trailer, was published by Main Street Rag Press. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, UCLA’s Out of Anonymity, Appalachian Review, Rappahannock Review, and The Wrath Bearing Tree. Connect with him at andrewkclark.com.