Tonya Eberhard


untouched by
dark or cloud,

it is stark in

austere in
its judgment.

a glowing orb,
rising omniscient.

keen in its

ancient as a
Greek oracle.

in its silence,
truth suspends.

ask it,
look harder.

in its egg white,
ashen stare,

a demon and
a god appear.

year after year,
here, here,

an ask of what
else it sees.

the next tomorrow
hangs low.

one day it will
have a golden iris,

a thousand ways
to shut.
for now,

the moon
holds steadfast—





Tonya Eberhard’s most recent work has appeared in Glassworks magazine, THAT Literary Review, and Thirty West Publishing House. She is a 2019 Pushcart Prize nominee.