Father Is Late

J. Russell Schneider


My sweet prince
Long have you slept
In your ashen crib,
Waiting for the one
Who promised return.
It won’t be long now,
So close your eyes,
Rest once again,
I swear he’ll be home
To brush the dust from your head
With carnations and candies.



J. Russell Schneider is a published poet who delves into the darkest corners of the psyche. He finds whimsy in the macabre and ghoulishness in the fanciful. Schneider’s poetry has been published in Wayfinder, a fan magazine based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Wayfinder can be found on Paizo.com. His work draws inspiration from the poet Stephen Crane and a dash of the Romantic period. He mostly writes about traumatic events of his past mixed with fantasy and horror elements. Some of his work hosts reoccurring characters as manifestations of these traumatic experiences. He currently lives near Seattle, Washington with his husband, author, F. Wesley Schneider. You can visit him at russellswritersblock-blog.tumblr.com or @TheWretchedPoet on Twitter.