Flight of Stars

sarah deckro


Where to Turn

La Lune

The Leap

Into the Flame

Triple Goddess


Sisters in Revelry


To the Circus


Sarah Deckro is a teacher, writer and photographer with a passion for stories, whether they are told in literature, fairy tales, music, art, or the history of humanity. She works with young children as a preschool teacher in Boston, MA. Her teaching curriculum ranges from the ABC’s to emotional self-regulation, developing self-esteem, and learning how to be kind to others. Her poetry has been published by Persephone’s Daughters, Francis House, Gordon Square Review, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Curating Alexandria, Red Earth Review and in the anthologies An Outbreak of Peace and Dreamers Anthology. Her photography has appeared in Pidgeonholes, The Esthetic Apostle, Camas Magazine, Waxwing, The Bookends Review, Arkana Magazine and A Room of Her Own Foundation, and the anthology Take a Stand, Art Against Hate by Raven Chronicles.