For Jason, Dead at Age 5

Clark Morrow


Out of the blackdark
He walked into FAO Schwartz
Towered over by two-story teddy bears
And seven-foot scarlet and white fusiliers
And thousands of trains clatterwhirring past
And bluish prisming bubbles blown about
And particolored pulsing Christmas lights
And zany xylophone/mandolin/celesta music
And wherever he looked his breath left him
Because the storybook pages were moviescreen-sized
And he was a mouse in a lightflooded toychest
Of marching nutcrackers twirling pink ballerinas
Trapezeswinging panda bears barking ringmasters
And ballbalancing sleek seals and just after walking in
It all went black.

Dark. Blackdark nothing. And
nothing but silence ensued.

Then the toy store exploded to the size of the universe.





Clark Morrow is a published poet and essayist, as well as a professional award-winning actor and radio personality.