Heart Breaker

Pamela R. Anderson


She breaks hearts    this

beautiful woman. Snaps

them in two    pockets

part    sinks perfect white

incisors into the remainder.

You are tender. Delicious

to her. 


Next year    she might extract

your pocketed half heart. Lick away

lint    decide to play again.  You

want to escape    but there she stands

    heart in outstretched hand.  You need

it    stolen piece of you    then realize,

It is not your heart.




Pam (the original) Anderson has never owned a red bathing suit and is unlikely to invest in adjustments that create any alternate physical facts related to her personal appearance. Her work has appeared in Whurk, JennyMag, Mason’s Road, and elsewhere. When she is not writing poems about the Holocaust, she practices and writes about yoga. Find Pam on Facebook at Pamela R. Anderson—Poet.