Heart of a Town

Kelonie Utley


Once upon a small farming town
Nestled behind mountain doors
Towering to the beautiful pale skies

The land where the howling souls roam
Secrets hidden beyond broken fences
Old timey homes abandoned of
All their colors unable to mend

Boards swaying with the silent winds
Nails bent in rustic colors of age
Tattered curtains torn in strips
Escaping out broken windowpanes

You would think not a soul would stay
Yet in the beds of molded rooms lay
Left behind bones laying in sleep
With pictures of who they might have been

Perfect farming families tucked behind
Secrets the towns will never share
Seekers who fall on these homes of decay
Will hear the whispering eyes of trees
Luring them in to reveal its unknown

Once In, don’t plan to ever leave
Shadows of the towns come to feast
Smelling your fears, hearing blood pump
Deep inside your veins, you aren’t alone

Bones who have once laid before your eyes
Turning back to what they once were
Only to bring you too dinner to become one
Form of a human with insides of a wolf
They show you the hunger they endure

You now learn secrets are meant to be silent
Falling upon this peaceful death farm
Beauty holds everything that one can fear
In the heart of a town, beauty holds no form



Kelonie Utley is a published author living in the mountains of West Virginia with her family. She currently attends Berklee College of Music Online majoring in Interdisciplinary Music Studies. Kelonie has been writing since she was seven years old to escape the life of abuse and being bullied. She opened herself up in 2015 sharing her story to help others which lead her to be published in a variety of magazines. In July of 2020, Kelonie’s book Altered Reality: Long Walk to Freedom went worldwide. Kelonie spends her time with family, marketing and promoting other artists to get them heard.