Hecate, as you did for Demeter, do

Dayna Patterson


for these unmothered. Sweep the dead
across the threshold of Dis

into the wings of those who wait,
their talons muddy from the trenches they dug

and filled with wine and flesh to summon
phantom hunger. Suture

Cordelia, Ophelia, Miranda
to their unnamed matrons. Stitch

the rift between Juliet
and Lady C, Perdita

and Hermione. Bring
the mothers of Jessica, Portia, Viola

up from the gut of the earth
into a forest

craquelure with moonlight.
There, in a grotto’s mouth,

above a nest of hatchling snakes, set
my mother and me and my daughters. Plant

our feet on an ormolu mount. Interlace
our porcelain. Let incense climb

our limbs and sash
our waists and curl

through our hair in smoky tendrils, unfurling to the stars.


Dayna Patterson is a consulting editor for Bellingham Review, poetry editor for Exponent II Magazine, and founding editor-in-chief of Psaltery & Lyre. She is a co-editor (with Tyler Chadwick and Martin Pulido) of Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry (Peculiar Pages Press 2018). Her poetry has appeared recently in Hotel Amerika, Sugar House Review, Western Humanities Review, and Zone 3, among others. You can discover more at www.daynapatterson.com.