Her Voice

Malcolm Glass


When she woke, she asked, Am I

still Brianna? Her voice hollow, lost

in the comforter, muffling her name,

dragging the r, stretching the a,

the n’s, as though she were saying it


for the first time. She stared at her

hands, studying the map of lines,

as though wondering if she had


come back from a dream far from

her breathing, chilled by the river,

with silt on her lips and tongue.




Malcolm Glass has published fourteen books of poetry and non-fiction. His work has appeared in many journals, including Poetry, Nimrod, The Arizona Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, and The Sewanee Review. In 2018 Finishing Line Press published his latest poetry collection Mirrors, Myths, and Dreams. Also a playwright, his play “Replay,” was recently published in “Contemporary One Act Plays.”