Cash Myron Toklas


Forever it seems
I have dreamt of Hestia
like the hearth she tends
softly, cruelly
ribbons in her hair
a shaft of light
across her face
inflamed in the
dream of Freud or
Manchester by the
Sea in a room locked
beside my own as I
slept and unhearing
heard her call When
I would never let her
burn in the flames
but would instead
devour her
not like teeth
sinking & tearing into
flesh & masticating
but rather a suffocation
envelopment &
like I did with my
other children only to
vomit them out



Cash Myron Toklas is the pseudonym for an author, poet, and playwright who wishes to remain anonymous. He is new to literary publication, although three of his poems appeared recently in The Piltdown Review. His current project is a reboot of Hesiod’s Theogony from the perspective of Saturn/Kronos. In general, his work explores the lessons that ancient myth can offer for modern life.