Home remedy for a mild abscess

Mary Ozbolt


Make an incision with a paring knife from trachea to diaphragm, peel away the dermis, expose a layer of adipose tissue, cut away the pectoralis major, cleave apart the breastbone, & expose the myocardium.

If the left lung protrudes, poke a small hole & insert a straw to suck the excess oxygen into your mouth. Gently fold the pleura toward the myocardium. If you wish to save the oxygen for future use, blow it into a vial.

Maneuver the spine with precision & left of the vertebrae you will find a pulse of pain, where the infraspinatus is wound tightly around the scapula. When you pluck the pustule with the paring knife, the pain will beg you please undo the tightness. Pull the paring knife away, coat the infraspinatus in chopped garlic & clove, say breathe in.

The myocardium may loosen & the membrane is viscous, so it is recommended to pack the surrounding area with bulbs & potting soil, poke seeds into the gaps until the scapula cracks & the pustule on the infraspinatus drains.


Mary Ozbolt received her MFA in Creative Writing from the NEOMFA program. She has been published in Ashbelt, The Bind, and Wingless Dreamer and won the Sam Ella Dukes Memorial Prize in Poetry in 2020 and 2021. She enjoys lazy Sunday afternoons with her son, partner, and two cats.