Hungry Hollywood

Rollin Jewett


Open your mouth, 

Hungry Hollywood

Fill again

your bloated belly

Gorge your out-size ego

your shrink-wrap talent


Gobble your razor-sharp hipster

sipping sit-com martinis

at the industry waterhole –

a new flavor each month!


Savor your delicate



her EVER-READY smile applied

with BILLION WATT lipstick.


Swallow your aging playboy

flexing by the pool,

still clinging to some

glimmer of glamour.


Go on…

devour your own fat-free, 

guilt-free, low-carb,




Which you never seem to choke on.



Rollin Jewett’s varied past includes acting stints in “The Bodyguard”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Miami Vice” and others, penning Carmen Electra’s first film (American Vampire), and being a contestant on “Jeopardy.” His short stories and poetry have appeared in Gathering Storm Magazine, Ghost Stories Anthology (Zimbell House), Fell Beasts and Fair (Springsong Press) and Fantasia Fairy Tales (Fantasia Divinity Press). His plays include BUZZKILL (Winner: 2018 Renegade Theatre Festival; Finalist: 2019 Downtown Urban Arts Festival; Nylon Fusion; The Secret Theatre), HELP ME GET OVER (Finalist; 2018 Downtown Urban Arts Festival, Secret Theatre; BoxFest Detroit); BLIND DATE (Secret Theatre; Love Creek Productions, Cary Playwright’s Forum) and TEDDY TELLS ALL (Silver Spring One Act Festival; NC 10×10 One Act Play Festival). His latest play, THE PRIZE, debuted at the 2019 Birdhouse Theatre Edge Fest. Some of his plays are published by Lazy Bee Scripts.