If Victorian Woman Can Die for Pretty Things, then I Can Die for You

rina kenney


Green is the color of poison

Your eyes are vials of death

Pour them into my body and soul

Paper my walls with their metallic jade

Sew my skin into dresses made

Of their toxic sparks

Sweet green that oozes, slithers close

and kills the grays and browns

And me

This death is no accidental poisoning

I give my all to it

If your eyes are staring at me on my death bed, waiting to claim me

For the next life, I will leap into them

I trust their beauty more than my heart

I would rather become you than lose you

Pity the antidoted ones who find my sated body and click their tongues

They will see my scabs and lesions and know

Green was the color of my love





Rina Kenney is a writer, blogger, wife, mom, and Reiki Practitioner who lives in suburban Philadelphia. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in English and has nearly finished a small book about pregnancy loss.