If You Love Me

Gerald Wagoner


Don’t mar me. Scar me.
When you spar with me do
not use epee or rapier.

Draw my blood with katana
blows that mix marrow and
blood, then place a raw

piece of me on a bone delicate
porcelain dish: my nose, a toe
the tip of my cock perhaps.



Gerald Wagoner (B. Pendleton, Oregon, 1947), BA creative writing, U of Montana (1970) MFA sculpture, SUNY Albany, NY (1983), has resided in Brooklyn, NY since 1984. Gerald exhibits, draws, and writes poems that explore loss, longing, and transformation alluding often to the historic patterns and instances that shape his poetic imagination. Publications: 2018 Right Hand Pointing #122, #125; 2019: #132; 2019 Ocotillo Review July v. 3.2; and 2019 Passager Journal, Contest Issue.