In the Beginning Was Darkness

Oluwatomi Olanrewaju

[content warning: suicide]


I have discerned darkness;

the addictive kind.

Now laughter is a religion,

I have no faith.

A sinister smile

rests on Ixtab’s lips,

her disciple’s head

will hang tonight.


Let there be darkness,


I envy them.

The ones who live

in ignorant bliss;

the many-faced god

hasn’t known their doorsteps,

yet, he lingers around mine,

which each soft knock

I am tempted to open.


my demons said,


My soul yearns

for the blue above.

If the books are true,

then fiery red awaits.

Only then will I miss

the green of the earth,

but for now, I’m content

with the grey

that clouds my eyes.


and there was darkness.




Olanrewaju Oluwatomi is an undergraduate of The University of Lagos. She was a 2016 finalist for the National Travel Essay Competition and is a part time writer/ poet. She plays her guitar in her spare time and is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.