Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

Josh Smith


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Who’s next?

Who’s left…?


We are what’s left of the graduating class

            of depression, dysphoria, and despair.


We hold our reunions graveside,

our fight song is “Taps.”


Our suicides are not surprises;

every year is a bonus year.


We keep Mad Libs goodbye notes in our pockets

like drafts of valedictorian speeches:


            “Dear _____, I’m _______, but I can’t go on.

            I didn’t mean for it to end like this, but tell ______ I _______ them.”


We signed Jenny’s guestbook:

have a good summer, we’ll be in touch soon.


She was our Most Likely to Succeed;

I suppose that held true.


Who’s next?

Who’s left?


Look to your side, look to your other side,

if the seats are empty—



Josh Smith has a career held together by spit, duct tape, and whimsy. No one else on Earth has both a Harvard education, and a pair of Iffy Awards for Best Hair.