Killing Spree

Christina Strigas


I thought I killed you
Lured you into a hotel room

Raided the mini-bar
Drank whiskey and vodka

 Ate chocolate bars and chips
I told you a lie about my life

 My name, my dead sister
She was almost mine

I thought I nailed you against a wall
Like Christ, but you pulled me close

Attacked me like a madman in hell
I hit you over the head with my purse

 And you laughed at me.
It’s okay, I told myself. You deserve this

For being a whore and lying to everyone
And killing a man with your pussy

Only Bukowski understands what it is like
To kill love with words

Stabbed you in the guts with your wedding band
And ironically, I still love you.



Christina Strigas’s work has appeared in Feminine Collective, Neon Mariposa Magazine, Rhythm & Bones, Thimble Lit Magazine, The Temz Review, as well as these following literary magazines in the upcoming months: Pink Plastic House Journal, and Twist in Time Literary Magazine. Christina’s poetry book, Love & Vodka, was recommended by CBC News and made the Ultimate Canadian Poetry List. Christina has written two novels for MuseItUp Publishing. She is a full-time teacher, teaching ESL to adults at McGill University, and French at a public elementary school for The Montreal English School Board. She lives in Montreal with her husband and two children.