La Malinche

Gustavo Zamora


Like La Malinche
I translated your way across this world
Like La Malinche
I turned my back on my people
Like La Malinche
I embraced this new language
I no longer say cómo ‘stás
I say, How are you, sir?
I no longer say, My name is Gustavo
They ask, Can I call you Gus?
With frustration I say no that’s fine
With that I lose who I am
With that I say goodbye to the spears
Razor sharp weapons
which provided hope for a future

Weapons that introduced my people
To the eagle on the cactus
Now transformed into a bald eagle.

With that I am no better
Than La Malinche



Gustavo Zamora is a first-time contributor to Coffin Bell.