David Radavich


                                         There’s a thread

                                                                that must lead

                                                                out of here.


                                                                Away from the beast,

                                                                unspooling time



                                                                a woman

                                                                at the heart

                                                                and mind

                                                                of it


                                                                saving history

                                                                for itself.


                                                                How green

                                                                every corner is



                                                                and turning


                                                                like gowns

                                                                or clocks


                                                                then finally



                                                                worth plunging

                                                                into air.




David Radavich’s latest narrative collection, America Abroad: An Epic of Discovery (2019) is a companion to his earlier America Bound: An Epic for Our Time (2007). Recent lyric collections are Middle-East Mezze (2011) and The Countries We Live In (2014). His plays have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe.