Lady Stomped Out of Office

Marsha Mathews


Tracy City, Georgia, April 13, 2010


Today the town elected a dead mayor.
The late Carl Robin Geary, Sr., defeated
incumbent Barbara Brock 268 to 85.

Mrs. Brock, a member of the garden club,
first took office after Mayor Geary died
of a heart attack. The owner of Cut & Dye
Hair Salon said, “He’s back to haunt her.”
Mrs. Brock wasn’t a bit put off.
“People here prefer someone
more likely to push up daisies than to plant them.”

The dead man, known for plain talk,
wasn’t available to comment.



Marsha Mathews is an American poet and Professor Emerita, Dalton State College. During the 1990s, Marsha served as an Ordained Minister in the United Methodist Church. Her poems have appeared in Appalachian Heritage, The Fourth River: Best Writings of the Decade; Delmarva Review; Gargoyle; Raleigh Review; War, Literature & the Arts; and many other fine journals. Mathews has four chapbooks, most recently Growing Up with Pigtails (Aldrich, 2016), winner of the Georgia Author of the Year Award. Her first full collection of poetry, BEAUTY BOUND, explores human extremes to attain attractiveness. She welcomes you to her author’s page