los invisibles atomos del aire*

Pamela R. Anderson


My daughter is painting   ghastly scarlet and white   figures of circus performers and bright-shaded mimes carrying tambourines.  I ask, “What is it?”  She pauses   glances up   brush in one hand   palette in the other   untidy hair falling into her eyes.   “Denn die toten reiten schnell.   The Dead Travel Fast.   Bram Stoker knock-off.”


With her studio now empty   devoid of everything save this half-finished piece    I cling to memory   her words delivered as casually as if she were reciting multiplication tables.  I want to reclaim that moment   elicit her familiar quizzical look by responding “Silencio! Es el amor que pasa?    Silence!    Is it love passing by?    Bequer.    Poem ten.”


*The invisible atoms of the air



Pam (the original) Anderson has never owned a red bathing suit and is unlikely to invest in adjustments that create any alternate physical facts related to her personal appearance. Her work has appeared in Whurk, JennyMag, Mason’s Road, and elsewhere. When she is not writing poems about the Holocaust, she practices and writes about yoga. Find Pam on Facebook at Pamela R. Anderson—Poet.