Midnight Snack

Caryl Ulrich


Slather on deep shadow. Taste the pulchritude of night.
Warm and wanting, satin-skinned and haunting, open-tongued
ardent desire, panting in the paling of the light.

I am the ghost of the anteroom. Forever I
await, here in this chamber where I taste your very
heartbeast and your flowing streams around above and through
like wine. Beneath me pinprick stars gleam fierce. I long for
breath and give out music. Clearly bells a dissonant
assent, a clamor like the dreams of dreams within that
molten year when we surrendered stroke for undine stroke.

The toaster pops. You smear grape jam, prosaic, on your
staff of life. Still hungry, I, tenebrous shade awake
slip silent to my anteroom to wait.
To watch.



Caryl Ulrich received a B.A. from Indiana University, and an M.Ed. from William Carey University. For many years Caryl was a teacher (high school French, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Science, Biology & other sciences) and education consultant. Caryl suffered a disabling injury and is no longer in the classroom. Caryl writse for children and adults. Prior to Caryl’s years as a teacher Caryl had several works published.